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Native Americans were wise enough to pay for the nature. They had a nature element in their culture to be worshiped as God. May be they knew that this is the most pure form of Energy a mankind can ever get.

They worshiped Sun as God and attached purity to sun. Hence they always called ‘white Sun’ rather than ‘yellow sun’ that is the term used in most of other cultures. The word Misae in the Native American Language is White Sun.

We believe that native Indians were correct in their understanding and Solar Energy is a pure form of Energy today. Therefore at Misae International Pvt Ltd, we worship sun and help those who want to utilize the pure form of this energy.

We are set of professionals having a large on field experience in raising the finance and giving technical solutions for Renewable Projects with specialization in solar project.

We have a special corpus funds from Europe that can be used for solar project.

We can undertake the technical evaluation, selection of material, sourcing as well as full EPC and turnkey projects.

Our specialty is that this is available with our own sources for finance.
We can tailor made the technical and financial package to suit your needs.

Presently we have completed the funding and construction of 6 MW solar PV plant in Gujarat. Another 18 MW is in planning stage.

We have completed this using our services for finance arrangements as well as full design and contraction from our side.

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