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  • Growth Planning
  • Working Capital Management
  • Asset Consolidation
  • Sustenance Planning
  • Large Credit Losses and Write offs
  • Revenue Erosion
  • Rapidly Changing risk Environment
  • Slumping Stock prices
  • Increasing Capital needs and Requirements

Growth is vital to sustained profitability and enterprise success, and in many cases, a direct result of operational excellence. Organizations that fully leverage operational excellence routinely achieve improved lead- times, greater flexibility and higher levels of responsiveness-and can capitalize on each to gain competitive advantage and expand market share.

We work with you to identify which business process improvements are necessary to support both organic and inorganic growth plans. We then create an operational roadmap, framework and structure for business performance improvement--complete with KPIs--to ensure success and its sustenance.

Effective working capital management is crucial to the performance of any business and requires continual review and diligence in managing stock levels, debtor collection and creditor payment while growing profit margins. Understanding working capital is fundamental to operating a business effectively and efficiently. The key to successful working capital management is reviewing all the essential steps in the working capital cycle.

With solid processes and procedures in place for managing all the elements of working capital, a business will have a continual improvement program that should lead to optimization of business performance.

We help organizations achieve and sustain double-digit improvements in cash flow, capacity utilization, reduce variation and improve yield, and enhance equipment reliability-often helping organizations avoid costly-and sometimes unnecessary-capital expansion. Inefficient use of machinery, raw materials, distribution centers, inventories, fleet vehicles and warehouse space can cause a significant drain on cash flow, increase operating costs and negatively impact return on invested capital.

We can add millions to the bottom line, reduce working capital, and avoid capital investment by leveraging a full suite of diagnostics, benchmarking and operational excellence. We can help you select the right projects and align resources to your critical business performance targets.

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